Standing 2 feet away from the basket, holding the ball with 1-hand above your head and simply snapping the wrist to make a basket. Gripping a bag of waffle balls, putting one on a batting tee, then continually hitting whiffle balls in your garage. After speaking with multiple NBA, MLB and NFL players to the secrets of their success several times it came back to them continually working on the fundamentals they learned as a child growing up. You have to be fit in order to play basketball. You can probably get an indoor spin bike at home and work on intense spinning bike workouts to achieve greater strength.

Michael Jordan at Boston Garden

Michael Jordan at Boston Garden

Wayne Simien a former NBA Champion and Michel Jordan biggest fan speaks all the time that every day he went to the basketball gym to get work in he always started with the same dribbling drills he did as a kid. Simien even shared a story while many other NBA players would be practicing “fun” shots from half court pre-practice Lebron James would be on a goal practicing form shooting.

Chase Hundly of the San Diego Padres performs fundamental drills daily working on the mechanics of hitting. Hundly says “If you come into the cage and watch us before we come out on the field a lot of the guys are hitting off the tee, doing little flip drills things that just kind of get the swing right. Mechanically we try to do as many things right as we possibly can because once you get out on the field everything is moving so fast guys are so good with their pitches you got to keep your fundamentals in line because if you don’t your gonna have a hard time.”

Perfect one drill before you move on to more advanced drills.
Frequently practice the most basic drills to ensure you are always doing things mechanically correct.
Have a coach, parents or friend watch you ensure proper execution of the fundamentals or video yourself if you can’t find anyone to help.

Quote: “You have to monitor your fundamentals constantly because the only thing that changes will be your attention to them. The fundamentals will never change.”
-Michael Jordan